Let’s take a look

Every economic professor will tell you that behavior is greatly influenced by profit.

What, then, is profitable in making a big bomb and using it?  Well, besides all these high-flying banners similar in the end, to Anarchy, International and our species demise, the Global Syndicate would find a great deal of efficiency and a lot of profit, if they would use these fine fellows and females as graduates, having mastered or professed on the subject of mobile death squad action for a state(s) or profits for the Global Syndicate.

Entertain for a moment the notion (without encouraging it’s occurrence), imagine for a moment, how these degreed state (possibly, private–for profit) graduates of unofficial training in quick, efficient canvassing of a sector of population for genocide, to silence the victim, coupled with a house-to-house transporting stolen goods to East and Central European clearinghouses, end with a blast of wooden structures, bricks, and humans already dead to keep quiet the burglaries–populations involving 100,000 or greater, for example, touted as Islamic extremists actions, using a big bomb.

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