Feeling about, intuitive function: 1/4 of personality and engaged in sane pursuit within civilization and global consciousness

There seems to be a Tao mainframe computer program with PCB as destructive diety of human movement to destruction. The Tao can be inhuman movement including earthquakes from the energies involving the movement of the Earth’s crust.

Genetic correlations have been configured in this mainframe program that biased it to a fated biological family dysfunctions rather than an individual’s pursuit of their own efforts for happiness.

It appears to favor ethnic annihilation of worthwhile people for ill-conceived or sadistic pleasure.

It’s not something to “keep in touch” with; instead something “to keep tabs on.”

Likens, to being told the liquid your drinking is the only radiation, when there is 14 times more radiation in a cat scan than a regular x-ray picture.

Re: “keeping tabs:” is the Tao mainframe computer modeling supposed to be so accurate on the inhuman Tao, that we have signed a Death Writ and hung it under the Suicide-hung heads.

Do we want this kind of darkness, or do we want a type of darkness we can see cognitively in the Universal Light of consciousness that is a constructive darkness, supporting the Universe we see before us, and interacting with quantum physics.  Is there idea quanta that in quantum physics, uphold a constellation or matrix of thought interested and thematic that is part of dark, constructive physics that helps preserve humanity in Universal inter-connectedness.

Abraham Boulder


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