Universal spectrum of ideas for the brain organ in gravity of exoplanet

idea quantum=a single unit of an idea, therefore a “cube-it” being a discrete unit of idea.

thought=envisioning of the “cube-it” (at any dimension desired); for example, three cube-it of ice cubes thrown in a tall glass and filled up with refreshment to please thirst so that you naturally come up with things to do, or to continue on with what you are doing! (Full of idea quanta!)

Within the cube-it quantum thought (envision: “ice cube”) is subparticle or matter twisted specifically “for reason” and fluxed with energy “for reason;” that fundamentally can be expressed from subparticles, or simple nano structures, and spirited-fluxed energy, occurring at a interval of time when random trial numbers for natural selection, simply, Cannot solve the process by itself of raising-to-a-higher level of evolutionary stage (e.g., an original, new organ–not biologically anticipated).

This then: the idea quantum, in aggregate form (idea quanta) work with chemistry, biology, and physics of the brain on this gravitational exoplanet, while the idea quanta are in the universal dimension!

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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