On a personal note.

Coping with the placement of pain.

Finding psyche locations, not limited to brain-organ placement that render pain: manageable, and maintains a creativity that has innovative features apply-able, and serving serious psychological health processing, and also, at times, provides exceedingly enjoyable fun, and a replenishing of health.

When challenged: (1) Yes. Brain is inside head; (2) Yes, mind represents the Central Nervous System,
(3) the Mind is Central, but not limited to a “thinking cap!”
(4) the reason for this, is that consciousness is associated with Universal Un-Consciousness, and an answer can be non-Euclidean of earth: universe’s dimensions.
(5) No. The solution, may not be perceived on Earth.
(6) Yes. The solution may be found in the universe. The Universe is everywhere, In the planet, it’s surface, and atmosphere.
(6) Yes. The answer can be perceived in the universe’s dimension of ideas-at-the-particle level of quantum physics (or simple nono structures), and the range of, or interval of, affect attributable from mystic influence upon the (a) reception of ideas, (b) it’s memory combined with affective expression emphasized (an EQ, emotional intelligence, to harbor a memory in IQ) in intellect, that together, can become salient for SQ, spiritual intelligence (values and meaning estimation), or WQ wisdom intelligence (when to use something, when not to use something, when to use something else, or when to stay-the-course, AND is this really what is pertinent, at this time?, (c) the remembered idea, realized and remembered; therefore, now (I) completely forgotten, (II) idea subject, put to task to eliminate the constructive, “x” value, or “neutralize it’s constructiveness with a “z” value, and flourish the destructive reinterpretation with a “y” value, (III) “x” value, constructive, acknowledged and recognized; implemented; quality checks along the way, and at completeness;

Heralding science of order, beyond the science of (disaster) chaos, beyond the -beyond-the-post-modern age of the science of chaos, into the frontiers of rebuilding, new civilization with constructive ideas and reneging the destructive ideas that impede growth and ambition in philosophy, behavioral science, psychiatry, and the social sciences. Generators, “on!”. Nuclear power, hydrogen power, applied science and applied technologies of mini-power plants which are claimed to not have meltdown capability. Hydrogen Power. Fusion Power. The WQ, wisdom intelligence to stop the toxicity levels of these technologies, and of 2nd and 3rd generation lethal industrial chemicals.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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