Value System . . . getting into “x” values, and recognizing and acknowledging the destructive actions involved in Earth Sciences, “y” and “z” that impede progress in solving exoplanet problems of sustainability!

Value Index= -1<y<=z=0<=x<=+1, where where y represents destructive behavior, and y=-1 is nuclear winter. Let z = neutral behavior, which categorically typically means, “to do nothing is to do destructive action.” Let x = constructive behavior, promoting correct Earth Sciences for sustainability projects, promote reforming liberal economics, and promoting amendments to the constitutions of our state governments to promote globalization and strengthen constituents liberal (individual) rights and community voice and input in outrageous politcoeconomic earth sciences policies or stalling essential projects on the way to reestablishing Earth’s equilibrium with regard to homo sapiens livable habitat.

Journalism (a y value= -0.8 or even -0.9); does not take Earth Sciences serious enough, and does not take an aggressive approach to seeing that we are on course and at the Earthship’s correct knots to achieve the Earth Scientific goals.

If you agree that the newspapers do little to highlight the active participations of non-profits and corporate strategists to Earth’s equilibrium problem, I can start a 24-hour web feed to highlight activities supporting reestablishing Earth’s equilibrium for human habitation.

Contributions will be accepted on this voluntary project–“a 24-hr feed on global actions taken to get us up to speed to return Earth to equilibrium for continued human habitation.”

Those candidates that one to work on this voluntary project, contact Abraham Boulder, at

Proceeds (cash sent by email: provided will go to setting up the continuous feed to the global web site for knowing, at-any-given-time, what’s being done for planet Earth. Name at is Abraham Boulder.

Those volunteering time need to distinguish whether you have (1) technical experience, such as computer savvy (e.g., computer programming) or, (2) “people” person experience, whom strives for correct communication, within the project and with the non-profits and corporations striving for sustainability who communicate, at-any-given-time, what they are doing supporting sustainability; and where on a value index they are, numerically, in critical human behavior, for continued human habitation on planet Earth.

This is volunteering time. If this voluntary project “takes hold” (is established), we will then proceed to discuss among volunteers whether it stays volunteering time or, a non-profit with interns and paid staff. Good luck.

Abraham Boulder, –Keven.


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