How Not to Save the species!!!?

The world wants goldiggers, Fort Knox.

Israel doesn’t seem to care about a Messiah–we plant a sapling and we golddig ourselves to Paradise. The Arabs want “after oil.”

And the U.S. leadership, living in Dubai or Geneva, want goldigging instead of FDR Hayek Keynes Nixon Clinton G200 Marshall Plan II Science II bio-engineering, bio-diversity, hydrogen power, decrease in bovine flatulence, Value Index recording destructive behavior (negative) values for wrecking this exoplanet, therefore Accountability!! Nuclear plants?? Fusion Power?? Mini-power units with claimed, “no meltdown in radiation isotopes!”

300 year equilibrium of exoplanet Earth! Destiny Fort Knox. Not Fated Pigfest of Animal Farm!!

Abraham Boulder.

P.S.  We must have individual right to legal entity status, for all a living wage, for the individual of liberal philosophy to procure an authentic conscience in equality of legal entity status.

That conscience join in a panoply of populations on this exoplanet for varying conscience and a United Front of Destiny to scholastics and scholasticis of ancient Greek Fate and “cube-it” in idea quanta of Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love for to have forward movement of human destiny.

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