[ongoing Life Work, in progress…]

Opposing chi=Tao

Involves motivation, intent, outcome, life or death, Eternity or Dismissal.

Happens in quick succession in Universal Dimension capable of developing morphed–disaster–bio-genetics, to prevent, correct–bio-genetics (correct to such an extent that the human brain is only supplemented with the ability to withstand exoplanet Earth conditions.)

Destructive fighting capabilities can eliminate nascent, germination, to prevent success for living sustenance in intro or preliminary findings. One big find, is all the promising work of Chi-enhanced scientific results are crucified with intense nocebos-chi to prevent correct scientific laboratory results that are promotive of health, instead of sickness, and death.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong.

May there be continued enlightenment, sources to prevent destruction, provide nourishment and replenishment for life sustenance for the next 300-500 years!

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