Rarely do I speak of opposing parties as completely unacceptable!!

Intellectual dysfunction, whereas freedom is incorrectly defined, whoose definition does not exist.

Such that the occult was granted in behavioral science the freedom sexual promiscuity with girls and boys, and infants–to their deaths, or harm.

We can run around with deformity, polluted bio-organismic systems, and toxicity; such that these actions occur–that does not mean we have the freedom to act this way!

Only intellectual dysfunction would consider it okay.

Freedom without responsibility to the future of the human species, is not freedom.

If we choose such a course, we are imprisoned by the very insanity propagated by chaos physics at the quantum level of our central nervous system.

It is order that we espouse, and diversity hinged to responsible action that we are supportive of. Order, with diversity of responsible freedom, is the Universe’s Natural and Sustaining Order.

Intellectual dysfunction, our Enemy!!

Abraham Boulder.

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