Personally, speaking

What’s better? Terrible Awkwardness or Terrible Tyrant.

Both extract and destroy economies.

Neither Build Strength in economies or are bent beyond philosophical contemporary elimination of the species to Building Civilization and global societies after a complete intellectual extermination.

How ’bout “I’m terrible, and I’m not two years old??!”

Is that the terribleness, that the adult and grandparent is in perspective?

Or is this a bad, so bad that it brings Down the human species instead of trekking on an uphill climb in tempo with a Human deadline on Exoplanet Earth, to save us–to building a precedent to gauge our behavior, so this type of sophisticated system coordination is textbook knowlege?

Politics at the expense of the world populations –what we pay money for them to hate us, to deceive us, and leave our existence with a terminal case of final exit.



–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong

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