Psychology of anarchy 

What do you do to stop Chi Energy from motivating you by movement exercise and healthy food nutrients, to stop worthwhile business at its source: you?

1. Burn out.
2. Stop the thinking process

Stop thinking process has occurred to some degree by THC-doused cannabis.

Not learning from the British Columbian pot that had more of other cannaboids, less the THC. B.C. pot enhanced your experienced when you were feeling good and you wanted to expand consciousness into a creative psyche format.

The THC-enriched pot works to break coherent thinking.

While some people may want to stop thinking for a while, others may find they need rehabilitation to keep their employment.

Start-ups that make THC kits can offer the consumer opportunities to test the pot for greater or lesser concerntrations of THC, and other cannaboids found in the original B.C. pot.

Burn-out can be game play similar to child’s play, and is your responsibility to use meditation to avoid burn-out.

Management needs to acknowledge that NOW’s the time to bring in greater productivity from the technology because it’s late in the growth business cycle and the workers are at very, very productive levels.

Don’t burn-out your staff!

To further discussion, CEO’s, stockholders, and employees need to discuss among themselves the brass tacks of (A) do we keep adequate work and challenges for our nation’s employees in well-paying jobs? Or, do we replace staff with digitized smart systems; namely, robots putting humanity into the dustbin?

Acceptable conditions for employment can occur if we legally redefine the corporation to make big profits, but not have to increase profits from the previous year.

Further, legal redefinition of the corporate business must include a legal obligation of the business to apply entrepreneurial economics, in that they create, markets with competing subcontractors working on constructive exoplanet sites to compensate for the destructive elements of the main contractor’s business on the exoplanet. These subcontractors can in the future evolve into the main contractor business in the newly created Earth1st, Me2nd markets, while the previous main contractor becomes the subcontractor in the new economy.

Abraham Boulder.

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