Consider, if you are in the mood for general criticism of global strategy, in literary form.

Hegelian imbecilic philosophy of Germany, Russia, Britain, China, India, Brazil, Korea, and Japan, and the incessant insistence for destruction of the destiny of humanity, by the tragic travesty caused by destroying our futures, by destroying the Democratic Republic of the United States, and by destroying our tremendously, great effort, of regaining our sanity.

You are held in contempt.

You have no shame. You drag us through the muck of mass graves. Global Genocidal Death Squads. And utter bewilderment, that we were complete fools, to show you any measure of compassion!.

I speak for humanity: 8, 9, 10 billion people on this exoplanet. I am silent no more.

Will the rape, and death, and physical beatings of children, women, and men, ever end.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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