Republic Creed, promoting democracy or an evolved form of government

Look to the future . . . look for answers to our problems . . . seize our destiny . . . We are fated in the end . . . but destined to be reborn, in the universal cycle of life, physics, chemistry, biology, perky efferescence of idea quanta . . . And in the idea quantum of, “Let us Begin, Anew!”

Creation, Universal Hosts of ceiling of Sanity (an upward affirmation), source of the animation principle, a Chi-energy of health through daily meditative exercise, and, for a level of natural transformation in ending ignorance of the synergistic nature of the exoplanet Earth’s ecology.

Reintroduced to the presence of the only one God, spread out over the universe, reasoned and irrationally tempered, by Hobbesian principles of brutal practicality, by love and desire by each of us to end the death wish of mutual political annihilation, mutual economic elimination of the majority of the nation-state, and extermination.

Ending and rearing not to kill each other; but, instead, to keep the peace, so that we can focus on our own best interests; hording sizable bounty, in mutual repository, so that we dedicate ourselves to the widest possible horizon of personal net worth and mutually horded assets (traditionally, gold), that answers the questions by divergent brain creative innovation (Creative Brain book, embossed by Harvard Medical School, publi. by Harvard Publishers); or by accident, of finding the solutions to the problems besetting us by quantum computering’s direct creation and accumulation of exponential wealth by the 1%; and threatening each and every one of us directly, by inflationary, destabilization of the politics of hegemony–aching for Revolution, to an evolved form of Democratic Republic.

Abraham Boulder

Forward thrust into each of our mutual destiny, and fated end.  And the optimum vitale of confidence, deference, determination in the Enlightenment of Death, and Renewal.

To experience life, living, and work for own interests and the self-interest of future generations to come.  Destiny. Living. Fate. Enlightenment. Rebirth. The Universal Cycle of Living Forms.

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