Let’s reconsider the present and who we are voting for.

An higher education is murder and social suicide. It can stifle learning by communists or fascists or by philosophies that build brain mass in stilted and anti-social disorder ways.

The economy using the highly educated may be more, not of what you know, but more of repetitive mass action.

It is for these unrelenting facts that productivity should be emphasized per hour, and time off to pursue avocation an avid trend.

Less business tyranny, more potential well-thought schemes of pleasure that aren’t limited just to sex.

Freedom calls for a sense of responsibility. Obligations may be all you do, and time-outs, a free-for-all.

But freedom can also aid in, keeping responsible lifestyles, against the inhibitors or destroyers of freedom, next door, or on the other side of the planet, whom do it as a past-time or business venture, or as gambling event.

The truly amazing upfrontness of studying intents, allows us a level of putting each and every one of us in check, against all are capabilities for radical evil.

And the future may be in doubt, but our reflective thoughts have an universal nature that help guide us to co-exist with each-and-everyone-of-us, not bent on acute anti-social disorder behavior, on this exoplanet Earth, for the present moment, and consequent times.

As long as the applied particle physics of idea quanta of subparticles and simple nano structures, befit movement generated by Creation’s revitalization energy, to replenish historical souls and reinvigorate ourselves with adequate rest and sleep, we have the opportunity to believe there is more than mundane existence; and imagination can take us on flights and journies to exoplanets of the living that have done more time than 20,000 years on their; and their million -year existence has the WQ of wisdom intelligence (what, when, and how to do to something, if, at all.), SQ of spiritual intelligence (values and meaning in life), emotional expression communicating, EQ of emotional intelligence, and an IQ aside from cloned media mass behavior in the middle class that rises each and everyone to an unique position of validity before the Only One God, or the feeling of healthy Chi-energy of Creation found in meditative disciple, to help us heal from traumas, troubles, and various ailments that inflict us over the course of a lifetime.

Paraphrasing, Albert Einstein, he said, “live for today, learn from yesterday [or yesteryear], and have hope for a future tomorrow.”


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