Chunk of beef, see if it fits into your stew nicely

What does it mean to follow the heart of our leaders. Does it require a profound immoral act, and is this an act in the advent of Armaggedon??! Or is it merely a beastly display, better suited for having relations with anatomically correct babies, and fantasizing the full horror of our intentions under conditions where they are not eclipsed or suppressed by powers of reason suited for normal undertakings, emphasizing: WQ, wisdom intelligence (knowing when, where, and how to do it, or have none of it, some other action, or pause); SQ, spiritual intelligence (values and meaning: practically, it could mean Earth sciences priorities quantified in a priorities value index focusing on levels of destruction of earth habitat, represented with negative decimals from 0 to -1, zero as not taking nceessary precautions (-0), or “do no harm” (+0), and health creation of diversity and sustainable healthy ecosystem values in the value index, from +0 to ,+1) to bring equilibrium to our exoplanet habitat, and bio-genetic argument that co-existing in bio-diversity yields the greatest probability of human species survival; EQ, emotional intelligence, displayed safely and then set to relax and focus on centering your breathing at the belly, is a timely display of emotions (for some, unfortunately, it is expressed sedated); IQ, realizing intellectual pursuits requires our faculties to be in good working order; and that racist theory and actions, go against the law of bio-genetics, entailing our species survival.

–Keven Jung Young.

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