Dungeons and dragons, serpent, Leviathan.

Hobbes says, work with terrible by mutual agreement. We are terrible, we need our assets because of our greed. To get enough, although “never enough” we focus on our own enterprise to make the the maximum profit we require.

Pool some of our assets to show we are all in on this deal. During the Enlightenment came the mutual shared idea, “to do science, and discovery for charity to society, I will serve my self but focus on aiding society in ways genuinely beneficial to it for a level of cohesion and order, and absence of war, as can be attained, by sometimes, service “beyond the call of duty.”

Peace, and the Kissinger Doctrine: wartime battle and skirmishes to test battle readiness in the field, of technology and fighting men and women. Through these exercises of human behavior acknowledged and done, we keep genetic diversity alive that is a law of bio-genetics, that the human species’ greatest chances for survival entail co-existence with the widest spread of genes around the world.

It seems that if, “dinosaurs lasted 173 million years, and if we don’t act like extinct species, we can last 276 million years.” Destiny.

Dalai Lama, with deep respect for his love for peace in nature, says “killings” are part of the duality of nature, not just love, proving the truth of nature, i.e., we are food for reincarnation. Fated.

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