Let’s review. In short.

East Coast Straussian philosophy are full of lies of the distinguished, determined, desecrated, sophisticated, type; focused on an invalid argument that silicon chips or quantum computing can be human. Mannerisms aside, no smart machine can be actual human life no matter how you compute it (program it).

No matter how smart you make these smart machines to fool the human race, it still just a machine, not driven by genetic code, and affect intelligence like the optimum vitale.

Further, the “humanizing” of the computer is easy enough with personality platforms and the like. The control they’re seeking is beyond human.  They want to capture the Divine spirit, the Holy of Holies the Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love and make Him say what they want Him to say, amongst the computer gods, they want us to worship the computer as supreme spiritual Essence, or until we are replaced with “superior beings” of scientific materialism.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong

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