The new State of Dependence

The People, no longer people, but species’ biological-organisms-of-State intricately involved in speculative setups and actively engaged in shutting down normal human lifestyles and human biological systems, in an all-out, comprehensive effort of torture in designated social sciences and hard sciences against the human species, while raqueteering and placing bets on speculative scenarios and their outcomes, involving ordinary constituent victims.  Victims of the State.

The winners: those that flock around the ones disposing of toxic, possibly radioactive wastes in unauthorized or incorrectly handled dump sites, or piling up somewhere–threatening the water table (aquifers) and, thereby the food supply through groundwater pollution and toxic dirt (earth).

Losers: victims of the State.  Not correcting legislation needing constitutional action by government, business, and the military to avoid wholesale suicide of the human species, manipulated for torture by the State for gambling purpose and a mission of morbundity of American constituents, in the U.S. and in all of the Americas.

Gambling on wholesale tortures of America’s “natives” for death outcomes and replacement by the citizens of Totalitarianisms’ global syndicate. (Slaves.)

Abraham Boulder.

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