Wilkie in Fla.-the only business considered corrupt.  Catholic diocese of Seattle. Sr. Carbonaro in Fla.

Fascists and Communists of Italy.  German Catholics and Lutheran’s speaking “Aryan” language of death.

.Clinton, Trump want to destroy world.  Sr. Carbonaro Seattle Diocese get Wilkie to use advanced computer to nail Abraham in complex scenario.  Engage in genocide of Catholic mother’s on welfare in Seattle area maybe elsewhere in U.S.

Mike Shaw is innocent but insane. Wants to stop, but “can’t”.  Diocese takes bodies away.  Shaw killed about 40 babies. Mothers.

Heuristically derived on gut level of negative destructive behavior approaching negative one equal to nuclear winter.

Church feels heavy “death” fate. Supermarket protestant can take Issaac Newton and Carl Jung’s prophesy for Jesus a thousand years on Earth. Destiny.

Jung wrote after thousand years, wicked may rise and snug out Jesus God spirit and Eternal souls.  Catholic protestant and Catholic Church guilty of communist Apocalypse.  Divinity degreed went along with it for BMW, Mercedes, fame, power, screw wives husband’s children and animals for Apocalyptic vision of communist Pope’s screwing themselves and warping catholic spirit and morality for the end.

Nietsche’s “God is dead” shows he was broken brain and insane. Absolute freedom doesn’t exist–it’s our destruction. We must have responsibilities  in the Value Index accounting for harm and destruction we do.

Communist China and Catholic Church in Seattle accessing my cell phone?? Gave access to Seattle Times. Russia and India and Federation commanding what American business must do to survive or be eliminated, i.e., “bought” by States worldwide.

China at Harborview trauma medical center uw for toxic chemical and bioagents distribution to public free.

***All individuals act for placement in government jobs to supplement income or retirement.***

Abraham Boulder

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