Devise a plan–kill great effort

Devinsky, Seligison, and Weg devise a plan to get to the White House.

They say Abraham hasn’t done the lab sample for bioagents and chemicals.  He may be effected, we don’t lend him a hand–we lock him up for his safe keeping from upstairs action.

People got cable from Arab or Aryan language sellers, that include the Dailai Lama, to watch illegal cable of all the death going on that includes children by a “Leviathan.” upstairs.

Going back to Hobbes, “life is brutish and short” and humans are losers in the game of living.  I believe this is Aryan thought.

This heuristic, at gut level from, for example, director of Max Planck Institute of Human Development, except this negative decimal approaching negative one on the Value Index for destructive human development.  Negative one is a nuclear winter.

I’ll give credit that one Seligson who lives on an island in Puget Sound, heuristically provided information that shelving can go up for the goods we get from Sam’s Club so that we eliminate the boxes.

Mike Shaw goes around hurting children to accuse me of his wrongful acts.  Allen Weg collects testimonials of harm and tells the kids slanderously that Abraham is a bad guy and that it is his doing.  Children don’t know; or disagree, saying if favorable, that Abraham Boulder does great effort and seems to be a nice guy, and wasn’t present when they were assaulted or sexually assaulted. Parent’s collect money from Allen Weg for children to testify against Abraham.

Abraham Boulder

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