On the eve of most certain death, when it behooves the Electoral College –not to think robotically–categorical broken thinking of “all or nothing” –digitized, 1 for her, zero for him–a time when we remove ourselves from singular problem-solving, and hug tightly the divergent brain inside us, offering us understanding, in the book, “Creative Brain” endorsed by Harvard Medical School–we resoundly come to the conclu sion that: (1) Trump has no intention for most of us to continue to live, that in the course of this chief executive-causing plague that “we are about to receive,” that Christmas could sing a much more merrier a tune, if didn’t have the word, “disaster” written all over it in indelible ink.

Part explanation of the fondling of human existence for moribund profiteering, goes back to the Lisbon earthquake.
Abraham Boulder.

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