What did he do, anyway?

On the eve of most certain death, when it behooves the Electoral College –not to think robotically–categorical broken thinking of “all or nothing” –digitized, 1 for her, zero for him–a time when we remove ourselves from singular problem-solving, and hug tightly the divergent brain inside us, offering us understanding, in the book, “Creative Brain” endorsed by Harvard Medical School–we resoundly come to the conclu sion that: (1) Trump has no intention for most of us to continue to live, that in the course of this chief executive-causing plague that “we are about to receive,” that Christmas could sing a much more merrier a tune, if didn’t have the word, “disaster” written all over it in indelible ink.

Part explanation of the fondling of human existence for moribund profiteering, goes back to the Lisbon earthquake.

You see, Voltaire had difficulty being sanguine in face of such tragedy, and did not think God so good when he allowed such misfortune.

But Philip Bertrum Devinsky has found being an opoid junkey, a crack junkey, a heroin junkey, and babes-up-their-ass smiley face to indeed be sanguine, in the event of 8.0 earthquake in Seattle, and 9.0 earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.

He has done all he can to mock and slander his brother with the help of an assortment of defiling colleagues, on the fact that he (his brother, that is) hasn’t removed himself from cities prone to earthquakes, and raquetering that he will never leave this area of disaster.

Having thoroughly entertained others with this wager, he became master of ceremonies of a casino or two, then proceeded to wager to the world that his enthusiasm as cheerleader extrodinaire could wreak disaster on this part of the planet (the United States), and net proceeds would be extremely attractive for it and the world to experience disaster. Touché Philippe! Grand gesture to us all, I’m sure.

But would it be enough for disaster to strike the U.S. and the World, not just the Pacific Northwest, Philip went ahead and made profit on a program from Arab television of a large snake or reptile upstairs from me eating children and preparing to break into our lower floor unit.
Abraham Boulder.

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