Look who celebrates the presidential win!

Fill-up a fountain of youth by delusion and anal intercourse.

Entertainer in high places whose foremost audience starts with Afghanistan, Taliban, Pakistan, India, and Tibet (Aryan in language and death writ).
Abraham Boulder.

There are a multitude of business universes, all needing powerful leaders to pilot the corporations to increasing profit.  With long-term projections now third quarter, it seems apparent that present leadership having built his empire with close to a billion in debt, will close up shop shut down all business universes.  Are you sure you have him in your pocket, or does he lead you like a puppet on a string to cannibalize your corporation with hostile takeovers set for bankruptcy court to be sold to the government, shutting down all businesses, then decreeing all net proceeds have become legal ownership of the government, him.

Just because he went to Stanford, does not mean he does business your way.  Tell me, How Do You spell, “irresponsible,” with tens or hundreds of trillions real U.S. dollars 2008 loss?

Shut down business where’s your power base?

Electricol College needs your peer review effective leadership.  The business if the world Is business.  Don’t let hostile takeovers with huge profits for Wilkie, Farr, Galagher & Katz destroy all business universes with government takeover of your powerbase!  Choose a responsible business leader for Electoral College selection.

Abraham Boulder.

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