Let’s G200 make profit! America first!

We have the strength now, we have the benefit of business universes not cannabilized by hostile takeovers and debt consolidation and ownership of business by government, at a time when private initiative is of paramount importance for gearing up to Science II & Technology II via Marshall Plan II–critical for making the human survival for 40 million trillion U.S. real dollars (2008) net gain in exoplanet’s Earth’s equilibrium in 2317. Make good jobs first in America! before infusing overseas for new science and technology research, and applied technology retail.
Abraham Boulder

P.S. let’s scramble. It is time.

If Trump does genocide now, will we influence the Electoral College to be fined and select as president in two days, sane, sound, and business worthy of the widest horizon?  Make your influence. Make your mark, your worth!! Move!!

Is it to be an Insane President’s bid for Armageddon? Before the Inaugural Address even takes place?  Does the Electoral College choose Insanity as our Constitution??!!

Philip Bertrum Devinsky is Armageddon, the Trumpeter! Trump is the key breaker, and Executioner.

Abraham –Keven Boulder.

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