Do give a hear! And a round of applause for American business, and jobs!

How guilty are the classical philosophers in not arguing against the lies propagated by Straussian philosophers bent on capitalizing on falsifying their intent of destroying the world?

They say they are of great mind and yet they have no fight for survival and the reestablishment of evolved civilization.

What is your “good” when you lack any if it?  Are you all Straussian traitors. Have you procured a sophisticated mind manufactured in world lit that you do not think independent in mind? Do not see the cause to pursue, but defeat?

What say you?  Have you no mettle?  Has your cause become “cause-disaster,” and-pay-me-handsomely for leading it?

Do not tell me you are not part of this. You sir, are the source of a thinking mind, but you seem more Ostrich than any Lion of Legions of Honor and Truth!

And if the truth is we can have the resolve to implement Integrity, to instill it in President Trump at his Political behest, a Man of Advantage, a President of American Opportunity; then this Integrity will be the advantage of Man for $25 million trillion U S. real dollars, 2008 that Trump leads with $75 million trillion U.S. real dollars, 2008, in the remainder of ScienceII, Marshall PlanII, infusing jobs and work throughout the world, and business and jobs a-plenty for Americans, first!  And the World 2nd!

Abraham Boulder

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