Success: Gates, Trump, Dalai lama, and Obama

We are truly mere organisms. What is more natural to supplant neural activities with quantum smart technology: robotic organisms!

Who will argue the “Jew” argument: that we are on Earth to care for It and ourselves. Is it “so long species. I’m Trump, and we’re signing out,” with blessings that Yellowstone wreck life for millions of years. A Titanic wreck. What an iceberg!!

Who will argue, clear, and intelligently the need for us to solve problems divergently!?; namely Clinton didn’t really want to save the planet–that’s no to “yes” (save us on the planet) then categorically, thought drives our U.S. Constitution to seek “no” as answer. Destruction.

What about the Jew in us! If trinomial propositions need amending in our Constitution, let’s do it!

We need an alternative to Clinton and Trump, the alternative outside of “Yes,” and “No.”

Republic! Choose a Victor that is aware we are endangered by universal laws upon this planet! Choose a Victor that builds via Marshall PlanII, ScienceII, G200.

Choose alternatives for bio-genetic survival; and Creator, God of Sanity: thus Genuine Love will smile at our own life preservation. Creation will have accompaniment in consciousness, ours, on Earth!
Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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