O’ Republic! The profits shine on thee

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s the private entity enterprise–greater than any Man–constitutionally necessary. Democracy retained. Institutions of gov’t–checks & balances assured!

This being the correct approach to a scientific era yielding great! profit. It is seen, as a museum piece–right next to the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. What we need is a lot less of: methane fumes from the arse supplanting the oxygen of thought!

As the Executive Office is set to profit from Labor, we reached the crossroads where the higher route of sustainability of continuous profits makes the demands, that legal definition of a “corporation,” be reassigned to the venerable institution that it will now be, continuing to be a legal entity that exists beyond human entities, entailing competing Subcontractors or Subsidiaries, whose business is to achieve big profits –not huge or obscene profits, thereby reinvesting the source of revenue of those whom are indeed wealthy and stockholder assembly into a subsidiary owned by the original, parent company competing with other subsidiaries and smaller parent company, whom a large share of what is at stake in profits (read: “big profits” from huge or “obscene” profits*) is assured. Accounting principles upheld, assets derived for the new corporate institution.  Made legal. Private sustainable enterprise.  A switch-over period.  Greater than all Man!  The Ultimate in Private Enterprise. A Great! Improvement in money making.  In fact, do it today!

Legislation can clarify that corporations have monopolies when public utilities, but if nationalized, it will need to be reversed in ownership by government to 50% and in a manner paralleling government and business in Japan and Korea, and then continued in reversal to a maximum of 15%, then when economically expedient, end government ownership in the private sector 0% holdings in corporate shares. Equiment including company vehicles need to be retained by business.

Net profit owned by the contributors to these venerable profit-taking operations, and the stockholder assembly in the business, of completing task assignments on an exoplanet-deadline and timeline from which we derive the manpower, and from which the derivative in the 4th dimension of time is never greater (in earthly manhour units) than the “exoplanet Earth 1st, America 2nd, World societies, 3rd, mandate.” Exoplanet Earth 1st now assured.

Schedules established by Corporate Division of Earth Sciences academe whose discipline involves integrity in its science, and it’s application; leading to new technologies, and detailed in engineering making applied technologies for a new era. Value Index described in earlier post accounts for destructive earth sciences events and constructive events and the overall ecosystem’s integrity.  This and other posts at keven6543.wordpress.com.

Abraham Boulder.


*What is needed is continued big profit in the business enterprise.  Huge or obscene profits stop dead integrity in the capability of making “sound profit,” without cannibalizing the business or selling it in a hostile takeover.

Abraham Boulder.

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