Pay attention!

In the process of coming down with law on PCB’s sleazy, filthy mafia ghetto existence and influence, both his immaturity and stupidity continues all the time to rise to newer and newer levels.

If any fatal device was sure to be a deathstar to this exoplanet, it is the foul mouth, obnoxious behavior evident in a collective unconscious spaced in a “commons” (such as, “this nation, U.S.) from which he fill-ups us with his putrefecation and plagues us with his moribund-effusing existence!

To share life with him as part of the community, instead of putting him behind bars, makes quality of life a government job for everyone in perpetual reductionism, even in private life.

A study in the death of metaphysics and the glory of the Aryan evil in Iran, Taliban, Tibet over the good that comes from faith
in a good Almighty God for common wealth, general peace in the home front, and tolerable or great work conditions less the games people play and watch to destroy a man and woman’s life and their privacy.

Lack of moral restraint brings on the “Calhouns” of excess, largess, and degradation. Murder becomes routine, and idiocy a prime mover, even for Dr. Whipple whose ethics got so warped that he was killing all new admissions at Harborview Medical Center (University of Washington, and corporate for-profit), and restarted with good cocaine, is killing me while everyone and Mom watches me die (hi Mom!) to be incorrect in manner, and stupid at cause–a concerted effort, a remarkable achievement of dum-wits and dumbstruck morons (Look ma! There he goes getting near ‘ killed. Sure that, Boulder, can sure ride the rodeo! Huh, Bertrand Huh, Bertrand, Huh, huh! Bertrand. You know your philosophy sure sucks, and you know you suck too! Look at you, hoo-wee, we’ve got ourselves a hero! Someone that will shit on you and kill your mother too!

Eat shit, asshole!! Your death cult is certified Christian Rev. Jones and Jonestown, and Jew Masada, and Islamic minus moderates and Whipple death spree. Lookee here, we’ve got a bunch of heroes. Drop dead. Shoot yourselves in the head–that’s what your worth!! Whipple, if I understand this heuristically subconscious story is up in D9 of Fairway Greens of Fairwood-Cascade. He’s got my brother doing spiritual intercourse with him and rising him from the dead and watched on cable for the Taliban, the Islamabad Aryans, the Iranians, the Americans, and Europeans with Obama and Trump presiding–as I go to my death–chemically induced brain damaged rejects and THC intensely made ladened very very acute THC cannabis brain disordered, personality disorders, and anti-social disordered mentoring mis-fits and the lost to be their dumb-fuck idiot slaves.


Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder!


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