What works like the devil to destroy us? Ans. The anti-Hayek-“trek”-Keynesian-Nixon-FDR group!

The “disruptor group” serves functionally, if and only if, it is for constructive endurance, and allows a level of control for complete constructive control and profitable endurance.

Who are the destroyers? The Soviet and Fascist groups.  How do they attempt their losses or elimination?

Via computer science, psychiatry, depth psychiatry, depth psychology, psychology, social science torture, oppressor (verb-to be fought dynamically), depressor (fought by actively opposing and non-acceptance), and eliminator (fiscal or political policy) fought by Amendment2 and a limited Power of constitutional government responding favorably and decisively to protect constituent’s right to live, work, and be providing government services, from the taxes that government receives from working constituents, and applying first to working constituents, the upholding the natural constitutional law the right to life, such that all constituents are free from efforts of human extinction from the first law document, constitutionally saying, the right to “life Liberty, and pursuit of happiness” via the pursuit of justice by both the courts and the defendant, and the pursuit of property for all constituents!

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

Boulder Keystone Plan

Trinomial Value Index

Boulder Period, 1 million years (+)of human existence when dinosaurs lasted 173 million years!

idea quantum

Universal Ceiling of Sanity

Creation, or “Creator, God of Sanity, thus: Genuine Love”

Universal Consciousness accompanied with cognitive statement expressing: Light for seeing into dark matter: (1) of our ignorance, (2) lack of any presence of a newly occurring paradigm shift to the “dark matter complex” we are surrounding ourselves in.  And the overcompetition inherent in lack of psyche economy surplus affect-intellect-social, many people exclude themselves fromare. Thus joining Anarchy International in not including themselves and their creativity in innovative solutions of psyche economy surplus-affect-intellect-social. The intuitive function is one of four major parts of a person’s personality make-up.  This social is the commons of affective intelligence from work, supermarkets, gyms, churches, social events, and even relaxed movie goers.

Abraham Boulder.

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