We have the eye of Mordor, once again!

What evil form lurks in old tired short men having sexual relations with fill-up to your waist in waste, and evil spirit braving to be shatain of Iran, or even from before Islam.

What pompous oaf finds it entertaining for group torture, where the battlefield corrupts the home front with Taliban association, Aryan creed, and Tibetan fifth, murder, and perversion.

I take you to my source, the Tanach, in poetic form.

84-12 He does not withhold His bounty from those who live without blame. 13 O LORD of hosts, happy is the man who trusts in You.

81-9 Hear, My people, and I will admonish you; Israel, if you would but listen to Me! 10 You shall have no foreign god, you shall not bow to an alien god. 11 I the LORD am your God.

89-18 Grant Your help [(b)] to the man at Your right hand, the one You have taken as Your own. 19 We will not turn away from You; preserve our life that we may invoke Your name. 20 O LORD, God of hosts, restore us; show Your favor that we may be delivered.

It is “the end of days”: what is at the end of the end of days? Continuance. We see from the Jesus within Jung: post-apocalyptic.  We see from the end of the end: Marshall Plan2, Science2, G200! Switching with competing subsdiaries and small-to-medium businesses of sole propeietorships for the new economy. The energy field, $25trillion in solar. wind, and geothermal, alone.

People that party, they take chemical and reach at times close to death. They may reach a daimon epiphany that they may not take back with them when they recover from drug use.

I go with the intuitive function into the personal unconscious and the collective “commons” unconscious, finding and bringing back matterial to write about. Historical self-evidents and a trinomial Value Index that accounts for what we whitewash, what we take cocaine to hide.

Restraining and restrictng behavior that damages and destroys earth sciences concerns by assessing a value of damage done from 0  <  y  <=  -1, where y  =  -1, is a nuclear winter.

Abraham Boulder.

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