Logic of destructive Science Part I to constructive Science Part II using bio-engineering on toxic substances’ adsorption to isolate and recycle or neutralize industrial waste.

Linear regression, pt. A in positive x and y axis, to pt. B in negative x axis and positive y axis: favoring negativity.

Depth pt. C in the negative x and y axis, emphasizing the destructive capacity of Earth Sciences because of, pt. A, positive exploitation reasons of Science Part I for profit convergent linear analysis by destructive thinking, pt. B, leading to “stretch” of depth of destructive capacity manifest from pythagorean thinking triangle pts. ABC mainly in negative x and y axis.

Post-pythagorean analysis leading to rectangle reach into positive x and y axis from depth analysis of BCA, where pt. C is convergent linear solution lowest point value in positive x and y axis, pt. D, and divergent solutions to include pts. E and F where pt. E > pt. D on y-axis and pt. E < pt. D on x-axis, and pt. F > pt. D on the x-axis and pt. F > pt. D on y-axis.

DEF “capped analysis” by the stretch of depth pt. G at the mid point of side C line EF, “stretched” to pt. H > pt. E on x and y values, and pt. H < pt. F on x value and pt. H > pt. F on y value to yield rectangle of positive x and y-axis with positive value (constructive) post-Pythagorean Earth Science manifested results from triangle positive DEF divergent solutions.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder.
–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong.

P.S. From convergent destructive negative linear regression, to divergent positive solutions yielding manifested Earth Science favorable results from areas >= rectangular polygon, post-modern, post-Pythagorean divergent thinking and analysis and results.

P.S.S The army and marine rifleman, with super repeating instruments to attack and solve problems becomes a classroom leadership problem upon their use of the GI Bill.  What were solutions multiple convergent, linear thinking of triangular depth results–all destructive, becomes a multiple divergent solutions whose constructive results are post-Pythagorean of many geometric areas, hence a larger, wider area of correct modeling for problem-solving for Earth science constructive solutions.

Better mapping of the terrain for greater results from multiple constructive solutions.

P.S.S.S History doesn’t move forward because of Pascalian era devotion to futures speculating derived from the global syndicate “house” winning with the worst odds; instead of value investing, with the greatest odds, the greatest risk, and the greatest profits with the greatest guarantee of proceeds acquisition.

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