Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder goes to the movies!

AI erupted on the southern coast today, and captured everyone quite correctly, a rather bit of a “snag!???”: holding you in place. Perhaps queasiness goes well with that dress, that tie.

Everything challenging my pure and superior thoughts, are so “peculiar!!!?”, until we bring the standard deviation down to zero, and everything is: all right.

See if there’s a door; then find another one, if necessary (the “hollows” or the living remains-of-humans–eat emotion: Dalai lama, human organism reptile, feeds on good healthy emotion!). It is “with emotion” that will be purged first! The Dalai lama fed on Tibet’s death by China, by Aryan creed, by Tibetan Islamic death cult, rabbi mock of “one” as Dalai lama being spiritual “holy of holies”–the ultimate asshole. AI in Houston “captures” like Seattle (Univ. District).

Dalai lama and university district!:

“They remain; they do not exit!!” Faustian.  Hegemonic communist party global and Trump.

The impassioned are the successful and those “on the way up!”

Dedicated to “Miss Peregrine” film and Bob Zimmerman, Nobel Prize winning song writer.

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