Make it work!!

Con or Cost: Say, if you have heart, care, able to give, believe in genuine love. If you give, then “I taketh away.”

And this is how I do it. What in global trade can take away: human trafficking, heroin or opium. Salt and lime are good, not too much. Aryan-murder pleasure, can tear up family, and make them suffer a lot–lose family.

And along comes the Tao. Now the Man “taketh away,” but to say, “he don’t have heart,” is not to say it quite right.

You see the “Tao Man” feasts off of suffering–thinks himself superior to the woes of the world!

Now, here comes the Sacre Coeur, the sacred heart, the son of a Christian virgin mama. His time is around now.

So it’s our time too.

You don’t have to be the Man. Five dollars a month will feed 55 meals for 30 days from Feeding America® (, it’s tax deductible. It puts a wide grin on a face of someone thinking “those” over there thinking- themselves-superior because normal people suffer in life! And they don’t.

And they’re telling us “we can’t live on this exoplanet.” And I want to. They say “we’re going to die!” And I want to live. The gumption of their’s, there!

See if something can be done about it! Give! Live! And see if something’s gotta be done, besides rearranging the furniture.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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