December 19, 2016: O’ Republic!

We have a bio-genetic human race.

Do we see ourselves fated to extinction as a scholarly, educated achievement? Or, do we see Creation as the light for Destiny.

Do we defend in Federal Court the law as stated in the a U.S. Constitution, by declaring new laws unconstitutional. Will we bureaucratically amend the Constitution for lawful genocide?

Is there, by legal definition of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” Law that murder shalt not be done.  That consumers are Free from bureaucratic “benevolence.”

That the politiburo up our ass has not redefined American law for Soviet, or Chinese or Indian or hegemony of Korea and Japon against civil rights (including, the right to live, the need to live–family members, and the need to live–Lockean representative “TNT” of constituents–white race general public and minorities general public??!

Does Trump change Constitutional Law in two days for a maximum 5-year, complete, annhilation period, in which Fort Knox is made into a City of Gold, inhabited by Slovakians, or Mormons?!!

We’ve had President’s go mad on us before, but we were isolationist, but now it’s utterly impossible to avoid global exposure and interaction.

No one will be watching our back when the President is suspected of being mad–to be fair: from brain damage, off-prescription drug use, and neurochemical intake!!

Abraham Boulder

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