Do listen. Consider: seriously, on anthropological level of human organism.

Dalai Lama is a black market financier with pseudo-mystical claims of “goodness”tied directly to the feeding frenzy of his giant reptiles, which he is King Reptile: human organism.

He seeks out the good, to feed them to his exported reptilian serpents.

He much disfavors “Natural Order, Natural Law,” whereby Man is meant to have destiny, with God dead, God internally manifested by intention and meditation as “the only One God of goodness to greatness counterweighted for Hobbesian terribleness”, and erupting onto the face of this Earth expectantly.  It is his menagerie to exact terror, mystify, and murder in a black market enterprise of reptilian serpents.  All Tibet’s serve the reptiles as food.  He controls the serpents. He and his trainers control the giant reptiles.

The Aryan language centers on the sound of these victims as preyed by these serpents and more to European and Arabic tastes, and possibly Jerusalem liking they, the victims, can speak universal English with applied communist saliency in the collective unconscious.  The Arabs then eat these “snakes” as the delicacy ofkings of Arabia and the midEast.



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