Brave New World of Control and non medicinal unsound judgment practiced.

Russian federation chemical and China chemical.

THC-laden cannabis yielding very, very acute THC and cannabis disorders. Dementia accelerated by THC-laden cannabis.

Hagen-Daz chemical model manufactured in industrial waste zones.

Fine cuisine not focusing on nutrition, fiber, or home economics cooking of “real food for real people.”

Off-prescription, off-medicinal pharmaceuticals.

American Psychiatric Association not campaigning against nonmedical chemistry, especially neurochemicals, and chemically and biologically induced organic brain disease psychiatry, that has ballooned in the second decade of the 21st century.

Pushers of these lifestyles are Anarchy International affiliates based or associated through similar behavioral science outcomes–capitulation and confusion mimicried as entertainment.

Intel on drug nonmedicinal cocktails jeopardizing sound judgment.

Abraham Boulder

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