Plead for Creator, God of Sanity:thus Genuine Love!

He, our Farther, God was in Heaven, He goes to Hell, He feels how we prayed to Him in modern times, and how we sought our implorements for money, sex, and Aryan-creed gambling of Him from their. The application of bioagents and chemical agents from “China” at Harborview Medical Center/UW, and the possibility of military grade agents in use on me by the Jewish women who has a porno empire and pays for everything upstairs watched by everyone, whose two sons and husband’s died for this Aryan creed murders, as a firm of Nazism.

He watches in Hell, the decent are tied onto Hell-on-Earth, by fill-up’s necromancy of incorporeal physical, from which is needing peace; and their sacred beliefs, respected, so that their incorporeal matter can escape Totalitarian blasphemy, and Totalitarian science, that works to prevent peace for incorporeal remains, and decency of burial or pyre, while a soul manages it’s way to it’s heaven, and God finds His place in Heaven once again.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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