Burn not to live, and be hunter and gatherer of spoils. But in this new, old economy, do we realize the seconds and minutes go by that our precious water supply is being ransacked by looters or spoilers whose sense of humor is a lot more at stake, than skunk cabbage.

We need better filtration systems to capture effluents creating waste streams that compromise water quality (parts per trillionth or zillionth!, Or scientifically, one part per 10-to-the-negative “n” where n=10), or pp10-to-the-negative nth; n=10, for example.

We need our water quality for survival, this precious natural resource, and treated and recycled drinking water is very, very important. Since the Supreme Court expects this Nation to put its residents out of harm’s way by private initiative and truth-in advertising–allowing the industry to compete, so the market includes filtered water adequately ending listlessness in historical human behavior from Super-mega fatal chemicals, we need to go past “tra-la-la” talk, and get the green technology from R&D entailing the actual, contamination potential of water supplies, to be pumped through filtration that takes contaminant fatal effects (in human (historical) behvior to end via neurotoxins or organic brain and heart disease.

It’s possible that these toxins effect the microbiome and upset the millions of years of evolving edoskeletal animal and plant evolution.

Abraham Boulder.

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