Seasons Greetings

Holy of holies is not a latrine.
If there is a pipe through there it goes to show the very necessary requirement for correct sewage treatment for cooking and aerated, clean water on this exoplanet.

Treating the Sacred of Sacred cube-it like it’s a mythological butthole is ill-defined.

See symbolic Sacred room as a forward moving vehicle that attends to our needs and Creator, God of Sanity and Redemption:thus Genuine Love’s needs, likened to living “mechanics” with various parts of human nature being well enough to forgive a Deity that always needed Abraham, and always knew He would veer off course without entreaties praising Him as the Higher Power, seeing world events to learn if He is given credit for human destiny, or pilfered as jewel contraband. It is the seeking for Providence for the Commonweslth of all constituents, and visa-holding workers, seen in the 12-step program of sobriety, where we are always one-step from doing things wrong, and continue living and relearning to live habitually, with a ceiling of Sane Universal Consciousness from the Creator, God of Sanity and Redemption:thus Genuine Love, and vomiting to remind us of our mortality on exoplanet Earth, leading to mastery of our Adult-child-parent steps, lead in language worked out by Master’s degree-level counselors, and language and behavior of philosophy and mentoring, of WQ, wisdom intelligence (when and what, to use, if at all), SQ, spiritual intelligence (valuing ‘the human” in us, and valuing life! and meanng), EQ, emotional intelligemce, and lastly, IQ intellect intelligence via Gassemdi, that is, “reason is an aspect of spirit” (quoted from the Science of Liberty book), that includes anima-female feelings labeled “affective intelligence” for their parakeet-turning-head curiosio of wanderlust, from an intimate relationship, or a friendship, expressed lyrically, counterpointing from heart-felt song with lyrics.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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