Amending the Constitution, likened to mending the Flag! Seeking Isaac, Newton’s epiphany in Apocalyptic Vision of Jesus likened to Carl Gustav Jung (Sanity, thus Love!) of the Creator, God of Sanity and Redemption–thus loving for a thousand years as the Meseach of Evretim and Jesus, or the same Christ becomes evident from the bewildering wilderness of Human busyness and hate–moving forth to ascend His throne by Proclaiming a time for healing, a time for value investing, a time for sense, and dollars, to make sense once again of transversing 14 icebergs, including this–the 14th Iceberg in the manner that Cruise ships transverse the Norwegian waters.

Spiritual Faith in Almighty God and the good of common wealth.

If it’s Jesus, George Washington didn’t know much about it. Humors seem to be set correctly for a constitution that could weather change, and amend it’s living documentation to evolving ideas, including: evolving human species!

In other words, affect of prevailing winds, can exact an effect such that amendments are not only appropriate, but serving the fancy of the gut of a well nourished man and woman, and children; with the wealth and diversity of food that leads to health, thus wealth restored.

And the prospect of future opportunity discussed in the book, “Reskilling America,” and other ventures; speaking of a future, and future paradigm shifts necessary to be instituted in the living constitutional document’s amendments to continue private enterprise and sizable profits–to make efforts worthwhile in correctly trending markets, whom from litigious Acts have proffered a level of confidence, that “there’s no going back!” and your effort in toil, time, sweat, and money, and I do not deny!–taking-the-trouble for-a-sound-investment in value- building enterprise–one of a sustainable nature–and kick-started with gold from Fort Knox itself to bolster the confidence with economic incentives such that apply to entrepreneurial economics, of creating new, bio-focused enterprises and subsidiaries, doing more, overall, to sustain and not destroy, and laws guaranteeing that business centers for the sustainable enterprise opportunities, curtail the destructive Nature of Past enterprise (by bio-sustainable subsidiary becoming the parent company while former parent company becomes the subsidiary) aggregates of similar destructive enterprises of private, for a constructive bioethos, canceling or eliminating non-sustainable parts of businesses, as scientifically indicated and required; and incorporating within the legal definition of business the responsibility of stewardship of bioconstructive-centric enterprises to work towards the goal of plateauing profits sufficient for the widest horizon, the greatest profit long term, the greatest healthy economy, and greatest sustainability attainable and suitable for planet Earth, soaring around the Sun, and maintaining bio-diversity through bio-engineering and the sustainable ecosystem or mini-ecosystems, themselves, for a 500-year window of prosperity in a global economy fostered through the pain-staking effort in international cooperation in global collaboration.

Abraham Boulder.

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