Singularity for Purpose and Mission

Creator, God of Sanity and Redemption; thus Genuine Love, of the universal ceiling of Sanity, amidst the Hosts whom, apparently, send us a signal of affect that, with Sanity dispense in universal aerie flight of affect wisdom intelligence, whom also send love and hope that you, those of planet Earth can survive your 14 icebergs, survive by transversing each iceberg and reach the promised land of interplanetary travel, inter-stellar travel, then inter-gallactic travel.

What of Evretim? Look to Evret. But Evret fear well those within the Evretim whom see you as prey ‘stead pray, for your and others of the folds continued existence.

Know Not Masada, Not Rev. Jones and Jonestown, Not the Pied Piper of music or cinema telling you “to your deaths, you go. Death.” In a Hegelian nightmare of refinement of soul from the butchery of the civil; therefore,

“Not inclined to battle; but Battle You do!”

Genocide jargon of higher learning to box me in and put me “upside down” and lead us docile into immediate, urgent communist (socialist) activism of dismembering of our physical forms and sorcery sex after we are no longer alive.

Fight! Go not quietly into the Valley of Death–the Valley of Decision is upon you. Choose to live for another day, and for the childrens’ other days!

–Keven “even kiehl [balance, resilience,] on stormy seas”

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