Do it. Do it. Do it.

President roots, heritage from noncivilized modern state societies, one from Africa, one from ?Slovakia?, resulting in a pull towards Aryan creed in gambits of human survival, meaning murder of uninvited guests “pieces.”

The unethical stance for promoting these games is high. I don’t want to pretend on standing at a podium addressing the world’s population, but this business with the Dalai lama even if acknowledge in Jung’s unconscious in the Red Book, doesn’t mean under any circumstances that these are civilized acts.

And it would take a Rousseau (who contributed to optimism-in-arms as a precursor to learnt optimism, whereby the “precursor in subparticles physics” initiated is an optimistic outlook for favorable results in a sometimes difficult undertaking to justify war, for war sake, and genocide to please some of the public) when better for MotherEarthShip to round the corner and prepare to jettison our species in Science II for 300-500 years, with the economic infusion of Marshall Plan II–American Jobs. # 1, Exoplanet Earth2nd, with gravity of the solar system upon it, not just some singular station, and World Nation-States3rd.

But we must never cede civilization to the history books. If we are late in civilization, let us recapture it’s brilliance, it’s genius and begin a new world civilization to meet India and World Societies.
Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder.

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