Take note.

Natural Order=sacred spirit, as it’s experienced involving the unity of God amplifying our worst dreams because we love them so much.

Open society=church, synagogue, mosque, all-living creed&state

Thomas Paine&Thomas Jefferson=Secular Existentialism as a part of open society&applied physics,& state business.  Applied physics to pptrillionth can be effected by peak affect intelligence causing static, closer examination of error of margin, may see “error wavering.”

Goodly worshipped God aspiring, bequeathing goodness Providence of Commonwealth, whereupon we aspire to take the pains to support family, and be responsible to the civil order such that private initiative and enterprise are free to gainfully secure the Earth exoplanet quarters; and disabled participate gainfully administering at any capable level segregated in their own environment in business legal entities entailing very, very productive workers, with subdivisions for the productive disabled worker, in the manner, whereby the business legal entities’ very, very productive environment exists through legal ownership, and the legal definition of corporation extends itself to include the creation of legal entity susidiaries provided with economic incentives from the Value Index (previously posted on keven6543.com) (proceeds for economic incentive for subsidiaries be cap-taxed from the negative decimal value or its sum of the Value Index of parent companies for it’s economic disincentive. Value Index determinant based damage-capability of business. Assessor and quality of corporate bonds by Moody’s and competitors.

secular&religious school

Children aren’t violated, attend school, register for the draft.

Abraham Boulder.

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