AI takes a turn for the better!

One, Good, Intellect, Spirit->human tragedy, Ghandi behavioralism, AI dominance. The End.


Only One God as sacred carrot, spirit, Goodness-to-Greatness, Destiny of species, Human indivudual fatalism; learning to live, relearning to live, death, enlightenment, rebirth or renewal->AI whose Functions are Tools serving the homo sapiens species’ brain and heart and heterosexual bodies. Human mind focused on learning and relearning for brain and physical form’s survival through needs and cultural wants. The Beginning.

Much to say about Open Societies: (1) physics, calibrated margin of error and standard to study margin of error in open and closed societies, (2) metaphysics, (a) the hierarchical consciousness cannot be lived in totalitarianism–must be experienced, can only exist in open societies, (b) the Unity spirit prayed to for goodness-to-greatness achieved and inspired by an amplification of this spirit, when the human spirit is so utterly capable of such horror and terror, of such utter disgust!

Prayed through the sacred carrot: Creator, God of Sanity & Redemption:thus Genuine Love, for Christians in Jesus Christ by Name and for Evretim: Adonshem: Creator of material and spirit.

Closed societies have morbid and moribund consciousness which under even more dire circumstances can include a Hegelian Totalitarianist spirit of sickness and death.  Trainers of meterialist weapons: serpent reptiles.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder (the latter).

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