Marketing, Sales, and Office (Android software)

Don your caps: Marketing, Sales, Business editor, and keep busy for profits, you bring in.

Propose: Total 30% of total sales: 14% marketing, 8%; sales, 8%; business editing, 8%; “Business & Economy letter.” My expertise.

If “marketing” assignment includes “business editor,” “top pilot” gets 18% for both marketing and editing, subordinate 4% worked into raise to 6%; and sales, 6%, with increments to 8%. Max. 32% of total sales.

Market: high-volume sales throughout the business universes. Posit: 1st-Receivers provided with my information “assets,” to pay $1 million dollars for 6 per year reports, plus on-the-fly reporting.

All others, paying $1,000, to get bi-monthly report.

Marketing , including the business proposal, editing, and management of virtual office, additional 10% of 42% total sales. Legal 5% more. Max. 47% of total sales, working to 49%.

Work that includes—publishing relevant material to client—approved by me, will extend salary, 23%. Doing all these assignments, provides 72% of total sales, working to max. 75% of total sales.

Copyright is mine.

Apply for job and percentage of total sales you will set goals to, and strive to earn. You use your own Android with wi-fi. Android software needs to be recent. Please, no children.

Contact Keven.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers)
Be wordly. Be smart. WQ, wisdom intelligence!


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