When does torture turn into a productive enterprise?

I wrote of torture in sexual abuse using affect intelligence WA-state wide.

New York Times wrote on toture going in the federal penetentiary system.

Now, besides corporate and foreign relaying information to prisoners under torture, there appears to be a spreading effort starting in WA state mental health prison, to abuse treatmens, that make prisoners “docile,” to add to the treatment chemical injected into or past skull, to study ooos’ and aaahs’ of prisoner in language of ooos’ aaahs’ that are Aryan language such as Tibetan that expressing dying and death by serpents, or the sewer rats that are some kind of luzard-snake.

To finish this up the chemicals are handled by a Ph.D in Indian linguistics who is not medically trained. Treat this like a college international English class– for study of Aryan creed language and written aplhhabet letters you would use for the tortured-to-death writings and exclamations!
Abraham Boulder

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