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World Trade Consciousness

PCB leads the financial market to unsustainable highs (1) Boulder reasons soundly, with additional sound comments to what appeared to be a much-needed correction.

Is this an obsolete traditional market pricing?–Should exponential markets’ be real-dollar makers from supercomputers, and the profits in stocks turn out to be marginable. (see below).

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

P.S. The only way to stop the markets actual value from declining is to invest in a wide enough horizon of sustainables to cover the uncertainty we are now in, investing in securities of say, 300-year horizon to assure a 5 – 50 year redeeming value of an actual, real-dollar.

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Get ready, get set, go!

Lamas, big and small–lama “ponies” & lama lizard snakes (dragons, serpents, “blue Crocs” of Asia, South America, and Africa) are challenged in superiority by China and India’s, Bengladesh’s, Pakistan’s, Afghanistan lamas, whom are lamas that eat people.

Arabs eat “anything,” ergo serpents get prepared to be eaten, in variety, at supper,

And China and Indian human lamas eat human flesh aspire to gain great strength and sustenance, and solve the problem of unholy gastric disaster besetting a dinner guest eating human forms; unless his or her genes are checked after genetic splicing, like the inventory of babies at biolabs in China, to find the correct genetic code for the supreme lamas (human organisms) that eat humans, lamas, act as carnivores and herbivores, and are final species victor on Earth, by the addition of cannibalism.

This a clear case of crime against humanity.
Abraham Boulder. Jan. 22, 2017 Common Era.

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End game. Religion.


Gov’t cedes to Orthodox popes .


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Butt-Hole Canal & “Big belly:” Fiction on an active Iranian devil

Trojan horse: said deity of three: Creation belly or rear, thence. Vehicle dip-sticked for feces=magic wand, waved around the dead-amphetamined, Creation deity: explodes a pandemic from butt or belly, to introduce Aryan gamesmanship for raqueteering=introductory Aryan gamesmanship for raqueteering/gambling.

It states, “China feeds dead human cuisine.”

“Tried in Singapore: Human Hunan or Schezhuan take-out, and middle-man exports of slabs of human, China dead, possibly Korean dead, efforts at Japon islands’ dead by Tokyo for ocean-going vessels’ pantries.

Vessels for LA could possibly divert to Anchorage, along the way to Vancouver, B.C.; Bellingham; Seattle; Tacoma; Astoria; Portland; San Francisco.”

Bets can be placed on where ships port, and videofeed cams on how, and language exclaimed, of the dying.
Abraham Boulder

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Enter Frankenstein??!

Do we have a monster in our midst?, or sizable profits, followed by a Marshall Plan II to avoid a financial collapse once the screws have been turned, and we have tilted the world-economic keg on it’s side to get every last drop.

Enter “fusion power” after President Nixon took us off the golf standard and aggregates of private initiatives in business, and multiples of universes became the gold standard for now transitioning the energy field for $25 trillion of solar, wind, geothermal (tide-current energy), and propelling the world giants to establish subsidiaries that compete with start-ups bent on investing capital for the widest possible horizon, and the greatest amount of profit in 200-300 years (40-60 million trillion U.S real 2008 dollars), to follow 200 more years of Science Part II in bioengineering and AI Tool Functions to lead homo sapiens bio-genetically diversified for upcoming weather, survival–using brain power we now have with natural assists in increasing plasticity and thus, brain density, and use of AI tool functions!
Abraham Boulder

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“. . . makes a difference when human passions clash.”

“We see the practical consequences of regarding the medium of communication that is diplomacy as possessing thaumaturgic value [read, “magic”
–>animating principle–>spirited from the source of Creation “. . . to be other than socerers’ apprentices, . . .”] apart from the substance of the messages conveyed.”

p. 3 Codevilla’s “A Remedial Course in Stateceaft”

Animating principles, such as, focusing on WQ, wisdom intelligence; “evolving the meme;” and keeping the heart healthy and capable of change; slaloming the 13 icebergs of Scientific American cover pages for homo sapiens’ quest for bio-genetic diversity for survival, vying between right and wrong, good and bad, to correctness, in statecraft.

“Hence, there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.” Is it not the nature of unarbitrarianism, correctness?

“If morals and acts deteriorate, justice will go astray.

“If justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion.”

Or, they will search the internet and buy books, upstarting civilization. Creating order. Setting priorities. Achieving goals. The “private initiative.” The insistence, that commerce has a wider horizon of 300 years, instead of one of fifty, instead of one of five years, instead of one of six months!

Quotes from Confucius In: Advice to War Presidents, p. 5.

Abraham Boulder

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Or, how to drink without upsetting your stomach, or losing track of where you left off.

p.58, Red Book
“. . . two situations where the collective unconscious [national group identity] becom[e]s active.

“. . . first, . . . through a crisis in the individual’s life and the collapse of hopes and expectations.

“. . . second, . . . at times of great social, political, and religious upheavel.

“At such moments, the [psychological] factors [in the “multiples” of the private, personal unconscious] suppressed by the prevailing [group] attitudes accumulate in the collective unconscious.”

[A plus (+):]”Strongly intuitive individuals become aware of these and try to translate them and into communicable ideas. If they succeeded in translating the unconscious into communicable language [as I aide in this process now], [there is] . . . a redeeming effect [to the group]. The contents of the unconscious [however] ha[s] a disturbing effect. [Because lack a full intuitive function.]

“In the first situation, the collective unconscious [say, of the archetype of the national leader,] might replace reality, which is pathological.

“In the second situation, the individual may feel [somewhat] disoriented [from this disturbance], but the state is [clearly] not pathological [and the redeeming value holds.]”

[“Spirits” of Carl Jung’s may be “animating elements” in State or states’ business,” aside from, also a nice glass of sherry.]

Abraham Boulder

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