Just something to consider.

I am Satan. I hate. I’m revolutionary. Promoting bio-genetic diversity for my God damn species. I’m also a “Ricardo” but I ‘m not God damn England. I have nothing to do with that cute lovable king baby of theirs.

I hate! I have reason to hate! I am not disturbed. I am normal. All too normal, for the irresponsibility threatening the private sector. The business universes aren’t supposed tear like some bad joke conducted at CERN.

Let’s get it together and do business for a 300-year window, and kicking the necessary afterburners in, that start as subsidiaries competing with startups (who just aren’t damn aggressive, haven’t eaten enough of their beans and oats, and need their underwear shortseated like this is basic training–which it is!)

Then these subsidiaries can become the parent companies of what then becomes Real markets, with Real dollars!

And don’t tell me we need an Evil Empire AI. AI Tool is what is necessary, and anything else is a God Damn AI Virus like the pandemic plagues we face!

Get it together! Thank you.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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