Premise inquiry into false or true indictments stated as follows: Presidents of Universities permit, after personal ethical deliberation, dogma of hate and destruction for degree acquisition

The institution of higher learning is used as official sanction for some of the worst thought out destruction and annhilation policies degreed for well, thought out, completely–despite their atrocious philosophies.

In the name of freedom, the university gets payments from students and parents to engineer well thought out destruction dogma which are, in a sense, investments in degreed contracts that, in a sense, function as financial futures or bet contracts on present outcomes of future events in the intellectual marketplace espousing destruction and elimination of worthwhile proceedings involved in evolving social and hard science for the good, and therefore, greatness of the society.

No academe should ever participate as an institution in the complex development of hate and atrocity dogma by students for official degree status by that university for any reason, including, “freedom.”

No university with a reputation to maintain in the society should allow resources and faculties to be used for the development of hate literature and hate systemics of any kind for a degree from that institution. These schools should not be paper mills for the enemies of humankind.

Although metaphysics is ontologically valid, both the hard sciences and social sciences have eliminated it from consideration because of lack of ability o quantify it.

With the advent of a Value Index for behavioral science and academic life of homo sapiens, we can now gauge, through debated assessment, whether something has constructive value to society or if it’s intent is to ruin society; thus, negative value: such that destructive equals -1 < y < 0, neutral z = 0, and constructive effort, achieving greatness, competing against the values approaching negative one (such as nuclear winter climax, in behavioral science, social science, hard science, business, and law) [the constructive great value] is: 0 > x < +1. Such that approaching x = +1,. is attainable by constructive, behavioral science achievement, and a permissible society, allowing the faithful to believe in and experience a good, constructive Divine archetype apart from State business.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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