What can be a “despairing” laugh: is a key social leader that undermines mankind, whom seems to be retaining an identity of a girl, two years old. Is it Child-Christ in the anima that is artficially good and is approved by Royal Societies, Deacons, and Popes in opoid addiction relative to heroin, methadone, mescaline, opium, and crack. Feel good of this synthetic Jesus is so important that serial homicide is accepted for Christ and the undermining of humankind, a given. That genocide becomes a routine, in Heaven.

Carl Jung speaks of “religious madness” to deal with the continuous dead. That few reach Christ’s ascension in their lifetime and a matter that the dead “to be assisted” by those who are capable of the “unexplained and protected” aspects of life and the Eternal. This Jung sane approach to a difficult subject. Approaching the liviing for Eternal genocide is Carl Jung’s insane assessment, I reassure myself, despite Nietzche attack on religion, leaving God “a crazy notion” and “freedom” to self-destruct and to self-annihilation, a deluded affirmation. This goes well in hand that WQ, wisdom intelligence from wisdom literature of this day and age, having reconsidered age old advice for its present day value–some of it enduring, is confirmation or dismissal of high-levels of IQ decisions that have hubris for utter destrution.
Abraham Boulder

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