What destroys American Leadershp?

A driver, rearing who is brain damaged, abnormal, disordered, engaged in necromancy for pronounced effect of rearing others through metaphysical entanglement and achieving ontological validity in the “butt screw” of the general population and world leadership done by the dictators’ rearing–pushers of black Asia.

A persistent pusher that hasn’t a goal, other than, metaphysics entanglement that is ontologically valid in brain disorder, connecting the rear of his victims by sensation-rearing in the subconscious reached by the function of the intuitive into the collective subconscious –say, a graduate student of the UW, imitating dictators of Black, Aryan countries of the Russian Federation, China, India, Tibet, and the Aryan devil of Iran suited for necromancy behavioral science to effect oppressive behavioral dictates upon the peoples and leaders in America by Black Asian people’s (organisms) and the dead affiliation–the dictators’ connecting with his nation’s population through the “screwing of the dead” fated to destroy American democracy, liberal economics, open societies and destroy the world, by destroying the American leadership and the peoples of the United States, and to destroy also other Western leadership and peoples’ effectiveness at Order and continued destiny of bio-genetic progeney and bio-genetic inheritance of homo sapiens utilizing AI Tool only and bio-engineering that allows greater brain mass density for WQ, wisdom intelligence, without enlarging the brain. Halted and mass genocide initiated by lamas (two kinds, including the “lizard snake” serpent or dragon) of the human species.

Philip Bertrum Devinsky and Allen Weg, and associates–family and friends– involved in this entanglement against Honorably Discharged Air Force veteran, Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder, whom supports Marshall Plan II, G200, Science Part II, post-Nixonian infusion of democracy and reformed liberal economics, and the private initiative of business leaders’ universes to aggressively pursue a 300-year horizon for redeeming returns or profits in 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100-year cycles. Creating real markets, for real dollars.
Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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